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Clinical Genomics platform

Thoas Fioretos

Platform Director

Eva Berglund

Platform Coordination Officer

Lucia Cavelier Franco

Co-Platform Director 

Esther González-Padilla

Co-Platform Coordination Officer

Luciano Fernandez

Research Data Manager

Clinical Genomics Göteborg

Clinical Genomics Göteborg at SciLifeLab

Bioinformatics and Data Centre (BDC) – Local Unit

Lars Palmqvist

Platform Scientific Director

Marcela Dávila

Head of Unit

Clinical Genomics Linköping

Clinical Genomics Linköping at SciLifeLab

Colum Walsh

Platform Scientific Director

Malgorzata Lysiak

Head of Unit

Clinical Genomics Lund

Clinical Genomics Lund at SciLifeLab

Center for Translational Genomics (CTG) – Local Unit

Center for Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) – Local Unit

Thoas Fioretos

Platform Scientific Director

Markus Heidenblad

Head of Unit

Ingrid Wilson


Clinical Genomics Stockholm

Clinical Genomics Stockholm at SciLifeLab

Clinical Genomics Stockholm Order Portal – Local Unit

Valtteri Wirta

Platform Scientific Director

Head of Unit

Anna Lyander

Head of Unit Laboratory

Anna Gellerbring

Project Coordinator

Henrik Stranneheim

Head of Unit Bioinformatics & IT

Clinical Genomics Umeå

Clinical Genomics Umeå at SciLifeLab

Richard Palmqvist

Platform Scientific Director

Linda Köhn

Head of Unit

Clinical Genomics Uppsala

Clinical Genomics Uppsala at SciLifeLab

Clinical Genomics Uppsala – Local Unit

Panagiotis Baliakas

Platform Scientific Director

Malin Melin

Head of Unit

Ida Höijer

Project Coordinator

Clinical Genomics Örebro

Clinical Genomics Örebro at SciLifeLab

Gisela Helenius

Platform Scientific Director

Bianca Stenmark

Head of Unit